There was…

There was a 5.10 am alarm on the clock. And another 5.10 alarm on the mobile phone, ‘cause you cannot risk to don’t wake up.

There was a tram and a train. And there was a 30 years old bus. Which chose the most proper day to stuck.  And there was a groom, who stopped the bus because he forgot the bouquet.

There were two rings with cryptic symbols; because writing names and date was so obvious. And they were on titanium, because gold is so boring.

There was alcohol running happy into the veins of the people. And there was a bride, who took a shot before going to the church.

There were friend friends from Poland, Dubai, San Francisco and from Lombardy.

There was a priest who lead the prayer before the luch. And there was the sensation that the percentage of catholics in that restaurant was 20 times higher than usual in Czech Republic.

There was a pool. And a guy who accidentally felt inside.

There was a dancing hall, and a girl who accidentally destroyed her foot.

There was a tie, t-shirt and  short trousers. And nobody cared what the hell the neighbour was wearing.

There was the music, and there was a neverending fun with polka, walcik and “crazy Petr’s dance”.

There was a yellow FIAT 600, that one where the door gets open in the opposite direction. And there was a smiling girl rising out of its top.

There were people laughting during the mass and asking “what’s the hell is going on”. And somebody who answered “just handshake like everybody else… and by the way, have you never been in a church? Even by mistake?”

There was a organ, and there were bongoes, because whatever makes you feeling closer to the Lord is great.

And there was the Lord. Because yesterday, in that church, between the glances of those guys I could clearly see He was there.








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